About Marathon Gran

Marathon Gran 2019That’s me, Marathon Gran. I am 58 years old, mother of three and Londomi (the name assigned to me by my grandsons in Berlin) of two. I love to run, and am currently engaged in retrieving my lapsed Good For Age (in marathon terms) status, lost to two years’ of suffering from Achilles injury.


7 thoughts on “About Marathon Gran

  1. RunYoung50

    Hi Ronnie, I was really pleased to find your blog via The Guardian. I have a list of women running bloggers over 50 on my site and will add yours to it. Only have 6 UK bloggers, you will be the seventh. Katie

  2. chunkyrunner41

    I love your blog. I am at the beginning of my running life (at 41) and I find your blogs really inspiring. I like that you also plan your week out in terms of training. I do the same thing and find it really helps otherwise, life, work and family tend to cause problems. Keep going and good luck for the VLM.

    1. Ronnie Haydon Post author

      Thank you! I am thoroughly enjoying yours, too, and am hugely impressed by the weight loss. Keep on running…and on non-running days, have fun with Swiss balls and weights. I found over the past two years that weekly sessions of core and weight training has really helped my speed and endurance, and my jeans fit better, too.

  3. Mscarlyon

    Hello Ronnie, what’s the best way to contact you about personal training? I’m 56, I’m very much a novice runner but would love some help and motivation after a spate of frustrating injuries, and with my fitness in general. I saw your name on Ellie Brown’s website. Best wishes, Caroline

    1. Ronnie Haydon Post author

      Good afternoon. I would be delighted to meet you. If you contact Greenwich Fitness & Pilates and send Ellie an email she will forward it to me and I will get in contact.


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