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Deep pockets

kit shot

Kit shot. Look at all the food I have to fit into those pockets

It’s 12 hours until the Queen, from her vantage point in Windsor (great views of Greenwich Park from there!) sets us running in a generally Woolwich direction, dreaming of getting to The Mall by lunch-time.

My kit’s ready. I am, as has been frequently hinted on Twitter and to my longsuffering friends, going to wear mufti. That means I shan’t be wending my inevitably slow and painful way to the finish in my club’s colours.¬† My hastily daubed Marathon Gran¬†lettering onto a lightweight vest (temperatures are predicted to be unseasonably high tomorrow) will emphasise the FUN in funrunning. No Garmin, either. I do not want to be constantly reminded of just how far off a Good For Age time I will be.

My leisurewear shorts (bought as hiking wear from Decathlon in the days before I ran) have capacious pockets, for my little stash of GoBites and bananas. Because I am a Naturally Fuelled Runner.

I have consumed a very large plate of pasta, made to a GoFaster Food recipe I tweaked to make vegan. I processed a lot of toasted walnuts, spinach, garlic and oil to make a very green sauce for my pasta. I have also eaten malt loaf, porridge and a great deal of toast and peanut butter throughout the day.

Tomorrow I’ll have my porridge, banana and toast at about 7.30am to top up the carbs already packed into my system. No Imodium this year. Minimal caffeine.

Let’s see how the digestive system copes with mid-run date-and-walnut snacking.

I made the happy discovery that turning 55 has opened up a new Good For Age category to me: tomorrow I only need run under 4 hours and 5 minutes. A few months ago I would have considered that a highly attainable goal, but the way I feel at the moment, it’s seems as out of my reach as a sub 3.

On the bright side, it’ll be fun to start a marathon not shivering, cold, wet and with the weight of my unreasonable expectations weighing heavy. And if I’m as super slow as I fear I will be, I can blame it on the weight of all the snacks in my pockets.