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Could do better. See me, please

Last month I turned 55, which puts me in a new age category, for parkrun at least. Three days after my 55th party I went to stay with friends who do the Peterborough parkrun, and ran I with them.

It’s a popular parkrun, Peterborough, which usually attracts a big field, although on Saturday 4 November the incessant rain kept many fair-weather runners away. Even so, I did my best, but my sadly untrained legs weren’t able to manage anything near a PB- still three minutes off that – but I was first woman in my V55 category, and seventh overall. Those stats mollified me a little, but I wonder now how long I can stand being semi crocked with this Achilles problem. It has been a year now, and in darker moments I wonder if I’ll ever run well again.

Receiving the Finisher results package from Berlin Marathon in the post yesterday intensified the gloom I feel about my abandoned training. Seeing that time in black and white – the stark reminder that I’ll lose my GFA status if I don’t run sub-four hours in April’s London Marathon – has given me the kick up the backside I need to go through my physiotherapy exercise daily, work on my cardio vascular fitness with spinning and swimming, and strength train as much as I can.

My marathon running buddy Sarah and I have vowed to train as seriously and intensively as we can for the next four months or so. As 50-something runners, we’ve both agreed to take part in a veteran athletes’ heart study , which involves VO2 Max measurement, a CT scan, blood tests and further tests in the New Year.

Sarah, on doing the VO2 max was told her measurement was ‘off the scale’

I was told mine was ‘top of the range’

We’re extremely competitive. I have to admit that her superlative sounds more super than mine.

Nonetheless, I’ll take top of the range. Meanwhile, there are further exciting developments to report, and too much work occupying me at the moment to fully blog on about them here. I’ll just keep away from hard training for a couple more weeks, try to manage this injury, do a bit more (paid) writing and check in again when marathon training is underway.