Weekend Worrier

Berlin 2013

Berlin Marathon 2013. Happy days.

Various members of my wider family are fond of yoga and pretty good at it. I sometimes go to a class at the local leisure centre on a rest day, like today. After the weekend’s running it’s all my legs can face. Today, the left one complained bitterly, as it was in a bad way after the long slow run, just like last week. The swelling at the Achilles insertion on the heel makes walking around and down the stairs painful, and that yogi way of sitting down on your heels with the toes curled under you can only be described as excruciating.

While striking a powerful pose in today’s class, trying to free my brain of the shrieking protests of my left ankle and calf I thought about the card I’d sent my yogaphile niece for her last birthday. It pictured a frowning woman in active wear, striking the same pose, with thought bubbles all around her head: ‘did I leave the gas on?’; ‘what did she mean when she said I looked well?’; ‘can I afford to go part time?’…words to that effect.

The title was ‘The worrier position’.

There was plenty to worry about this week: from the sucking of teeth by the sports massage therapist who poked my Haglund’s Deformity (see blogs passim) and advised a few weeks off running, only to be informed I’d no intention of doing any such thing until AFTER 24 September. She also said, interestingly, that the fascia under my foot were very tight and needed kneading with a tennis ball. That very tightness was confirmed when trying to make feet bend in yoga today.

So that was a worry, and then there was Sunday’s long run: 6 miles in the park, slowly. Then six miles on the elliptical cross trainer (I defy anyone to get anywhere near marathon pace on that). Then six miles back in the park, also slowly. So that’s 18 long, slow miles. Better than sitting around weeping over my deformity, but only just.

They felt like the dreaded junk miles, the jogging, slogging nod to training that beginners, who ‘just want to get round’ do. I fear that will be my fate, too. Just getting round, when my heart is set to sub 3:40.

My coach says I should be practising marathon pace on tired legs. So those last six should have been 8:22 m/m, but I could hardly haul my carcass around. It has been thus every time I try to practise that pace. I can just about last through the Tuesday track sessions (fast intervals). I can box and cox the long slow run, but those midweek tempo runs? Too much.

And with just five weeks to go, there’s not much I can do to remedy the situation.

On the bright side, I found kinesiology tape in Aldi for just £2.49, so I’ve been having fun adorning my ankle and calf with vivid blue tape and convincing myself that the injury feels better.

And, I keep reminding myself, although my main purpose for the September Berlin trip is the 26.2 mile run on the Sunday, there’s also the little matter of the two-year-old grandson who’s looking forward to cheering on his ‘Londomi’, personlicher Rekord oder keine personlicher Rekord.

So there’s really no need to worry. Is there?


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