Let it all out


No, I’m not writing about stress incontinence again (although, if anyone of the female/mother persuasion needs help, may I recommend this ). It’s having a good rant while running. Did you know it makes you go faster?

oh deer

My 20 miler took me to Richmond Park

This week I had no-one to rant with on Sunday, as had to fit in my run around other duties, while my friends enjoyed a sociable run along the Thames. So I shouted in my head (at least, I hope it was in my head) at the system that allows footballers to be paid £60,000 per week to be mostly bored and getting into mischief. No, it’s more than mischief, belittling and abusing starry-eyed young girls, while other athletes struggle to make a living, despite inspiring millions of young girls.

The object of my wrath? Adam Johnson. He was the subject of The Guardian’s excellent Secret Footballer column last week. The writer explained in the piece how pampered Premiership dribblers are so lacking in resourcefulness that when they’re not chasing a ball they can’t even go to sleep in their baskets. Or read a book. Or play with their no-doubt glorious new babies. Or (dare I say) coach a bit of sport or catch up on the studies they missed out on at 15.

Instead these young men, seeking thrills, go online for porn, gambling, any kind of nonsense and bask in the limpid-eyed adoration of girls young enough to be excused for foolishness.

Meanwhile, in the same newspaper, there’s Jenny Meadows, otherwise known as the ‘pocket rocket’ (she’s quite tiny, and I don’t think she minds). Meadows is one of the best 800m runners we’ve had. She missed out on medals on three separate occasions because a drugs cheat pipped her at the finish line. This hiatus in her career meant she lost her funding because it was considered, by the Moneybags That Be she wasn’t garlanded with sufficient medals to be worth supporting.

Meanwhile the dribbler trousers £60 000 a week and can’t keep it in his trousers.

Meadows does all she can to keep going , she works at a proper job and trains hard. This is what she said about trying to afford to compete:

“The water and mortgage bills have just come in, and I’ve said to my husband Trevor ‘how are we going to pay for that one?’ Literally, we are living month to month. I often end up thinking, ‘Well, I hope I can get a result at this meet and it will sort that bill out,’ but it doesn’t always happen. I enjoy working part-time, mostly coaching and mentoring kids at local schools, but it can be difficult to fit in training too.”

All the woman wants to do is run for her country.

No wonder I rant as I run.



Last week I managed to fit in a slow 20 miler, my Tuesday track session, a couple of recovery runs and a run into town. It all added up to 50 miles and complete knackerdom. And it’s ages until I can taper.

On the schedule this week:

Mon: 8 miles hills

Tue: 6miles including a fast (!) track session

Wed: 4Miles recovery

Thur: 20 miles long slow run

Fri: a few recovery miles

Sun: run into town (8miles)

And try to eat protein with every meal.


2 thoughts on “Let it all out

  1. John Robinson

    Me and my mate quite liked the article in todays Guardian about exercise. Last Friday we cycled 95kms up to 986m in altitude in Spain. I am 71 he is 79. Keep up the good work

    1. Ronnie Haydon Post author

      Wow that sounds brilliant. You are both an inspiration.
      Thank you for your kind words.
      I am a rubbish cyclist but have a friend who lives in Mallorca and she seems pretty fearless on those hills. I use my bike for commuting around town, though, and wouldn’t be without it.


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