Saturday Night, Sunday Morning

Jaquie and Jen

The challenge of the traditional Sunday long ‘un….

28.02.2016 Sunset

…quite forgotten as you stroll happily over Millennium Bridge and home in time for dinner


So, farewell February, you’ve been very good to us, with all these fine mornings and evenings. The dry, cold conditions have made it easier to turn out for sessions whose purpose has simply been to bank more miles. There have been a few too many of those steady-state runs, but they have their uses when you’re training for a full marathon.

The top picture is from Sunday’s long slow run. I say long, but could do only 13 miles before rushing back to shower and breakfast before catching my train. Weekends are problematic this year, because I have gone back to school for a few months, just when I should be running 50 miles a week, marathon training.

The younger women I run with (pictured) arrange their faces into polite concern when I bang on about lack of training time. It must seem to these women – both full-time working mothers of young children – that a 53-year-old, with her grown up children, home-based job as a writer and occasional gainful employ as a fitness coach can set out for a training run whenever she likes.  And they’d be right.

However, time-management is a fascinating thing. I think there is [Someone’s] Law, which states that however little you have to do, it fills the time you have (or, conversely, if you want something done, give it to a BUSY woman). Loosely translated into my own life, I am making a pig’s ear of studying for my course, not getting down to it, then feeling molten with shame by 10pm, when I realise how little I’ve achieved. So I try to make amends. Then I get tired, and my early morning run is compromised by weariness. What a twerp, as Michelle Hanson would say.

On Sunday morning, talking to these two running buddies, I learned that both had been out doing cultural, social stuff the evening before. Meanwhile I, who don’t have to hire a babysitter, had stayed in doing homework I could have done at any point in the previous three weeks. Perhaps it is the journalist in me; I can only work efficiently when a deadline is about to be missed.

Anyway, this week I have run, rushed, hurried and missed trains, but the miles were banked, even if a living wage was not.

The long run translated into two mediums – 14 miles and 13 miles respectively – so this week I have somehow got to fit in one 20 miler. This is what’s on the schedule:

Mon: 8 miles slowish, with a couple marathon pace

Tue: 6 miles, including speed session on track

Wed: 5 miles recovery run on Hillyfields

Thur: 20 miles in 2hours 50mins

Fri: 4 miles recovery

Sat: REST (cycle)

Sun: 8 miles into West End


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