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14 February 2016

It’s Sunday, it’s the feast of St Valentine, so naturally I leave my husband in the shower while I go off and run 17 miles on tired legs.

Welcome to a most belated marathon training blog from a woman with something to prove.

Last year I wrote a daily marathon training blog to cover the 365 days of training to run a decent time in the Virgin Money London Marathon. It worked well, and it’s still working, because I am able to use last year’s A Year of Training Seriously to check on my programme for this year’s race, which is, I tremble to add, in precisely ten weeks’ time. This is frightening. Last year, I managed 3 hours 44 minutes and 8 seconds. I exceeded my expectations, as I noted in the blog. This year I have heightened expectations, but have been lazy over my training.

Perhaps it would be sensible to note down my goals for VMLM 2016. I need to follow a training schedule for a 3:30 marathon, even though I hesitate to try for much quicker than 3:37.

My advanced years (53) and ‘weaker’ sex (I’m female, and it’s true that official marathon Good For Age times are wildly generous toward women, which makes me feel a bit sorry for my male training buddies) mean that I am Good For Age as long as I run inside four hours, so I’ll put that down as my least ambitious goal. Next up would be what I really hope for, which is sub 3:40. Lastly my Wildest Dreams time (3:30).

So the schedule, sub 3:30. for week 10 training. It goes like this


Tue: 9M total (it’s track night so there’ll be 3M fast, plus 2M warm up/warm down, plus sundry 4M to make up number)

Wed: 7 M steady

Thur: 5M with 3 of them at marathon pace


Sat: parkrun and two extra M

Sun: LSR 15M but it says on schedule 13 of them must be half marathon pace. Yikes

Weekly mileage should be 39 miles

Next week we’ll see what I actually managed. Best go and cook something loving for clean but disgruntled husband.




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